sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

Thanks to nediam

Minsk, Town Hall, Thanks to Nargiza

Carlisle - Railway Station

Sevilla - gracias a Carmen (penelopi)

Thanks to Alexandr

Train - Thanks to Ritva

Krakow - Thanks to Ela

Malaga - Gracias a Jose

The Beatles - Thanks to Suzanne

Thanks to Lauretta

On the west coast, with natie Punga ferns and rushes framing the picture. A scene in the Paparoa National Park area. Meybille Bay is in the distance.

Mapcar of Kentucky- Thanks to Joanna

Molinos - Thanks to the PC Meeting in Utrecht

Map of Arizona - Thanks to Roger

Angkor Wat

Utrecht - Thanks to Sonja

Pariser Platz - Thanks to Anjaaustel

Thanks to Kaheli

Olsztyn - Thanks to Klaudyne

Gerónimo - Reds Wallace - Thanks to Kristin


Thanks to Pampula


Thanks to Livile

Flag of Canada

Shamordino Monastery

Thanks to Olga

Segovia - Gracias a Aurora

Acueducto de Segovia

Moscow - Thanks to redlynx

A view of the State Historical Museum from Manezhnaya Square

Nürenberg - Thanks to Snezana

Little girl -Thanks to Rose

Australian Baby - Thanks to Jodie

viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center - Thanks to Dianna

Nestled in the woodlands on the edge of the Mountain Creek Lake, the design of this unique 35000 square foot facility combines several facilities in one, all devoted to ennancing the harmony between man and earth.

Calgary - Thanks to Sheila

The Olympic Plaza in Calgary


Romería de El Rocío, Almonte


Panorámica desde el castillo de Gibralfaro

Thanks to Cristina in Brasil

Shanghai Street - Thanks to satsugar

Nha Trang - Khán hòa - Thanks to manxious

Incense of village

Helsiingfors - Helsinki - Thanks to Kaheli

Vegetable harvester - Thanks to Ivy

New Territories border
This smiling lady is collecting vegetables at Ta Kwu Ling on the China border. Grown without heavy use of chemicals they command a higher price thann those imported from China and often go straight to the tables of Hong Kong's top hotels and restaurants

Patio Andaluz - Gracias Angela

Old map of Sastamala in Finland

Map of Slovenia

Thanks to Tina

Thanks to Clemens

Babies from Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes has won the hearts of people all over the world with her unique images of children.

Airplane - Thanks to isaacwn

The vassily the Blessed Cathedral

The Vassily-the -Blessed Cathedral in Moscow

Curitiba - Paraná

Some about Switzerland

Alpstein, Matterhorn, Pilatus
Jungfrau, Bernina
Château de Chillon, Ronco, Urnersee

The winter Palace - Thanks Nadya

Florida, shell collector's paradise