martes, 24 de enero de 2012


RU-547933 from Viktoria

Spicery. DE-1026449 from Franziska

vacation RR group 220 (nordfriesland)

Landscapes and views

Arabian sunset.
Spain and latin america rr group 26 from Hagaki in UAE
The Grand Canyon from Below.
US-1161052, from Rachel

Choose a country RR group 155 from ddonkey

DE-1054634 from Xena

Choose a country RR group 208
from ddonkey (Croatia)

PL-238465 from Joanna

CH-90070 from Mark

NL-930604 from Aranka


Traditional cultures are preservered by craftsmen such as this batik printer.
Choose a country RR group 155, from Lufra


Rajasthani Folk Dancers performing a Group Dance. India. From Amit Surana


I'm going to vacation RR - group 329 from dragonofrirtne

DE-1200551. From Kardula


From Michael Elbers
From Belem (gigi)

Interior of Blue Mosque. TR-67942 from aysun

World Languages RR group 161 (Russian)from Bravej

Request a language tag from ven-a

October 50 RR - from radimJV - Castle of Nitra (Slovakia)

Empire State Building, from Josephine

Choose a country RR group 155 from dhyliu. Kunshan Jiangsu Region. China

Trakai Island Castle (Lietuva). LT-177298 from Ingrida


Adam Reise, sprichtwörlich. DE-1206770 from Stefane

Choose a country RR group 179. From Irina (napalum)
Strenghtening Canadian Communities. CA-190484 from moonlessnhe

Choose a country RR group 208 from Irina (napalum)

Australia. World languages group 161 from elena sokolova

Map and flag of Japan. JP-128150 from Rieko

TW-368934 from Hong-Yi Ka

Original postcards

BY-199499 from Alena

Matryoshka. from Lena

from Oxanita

US-1329947 from Cara
FR-167613 from Laura

World language RR group 166 from Selena (sc1903)

Maps of the world

World languages RR (german) from Selena (sc1903)

Choose a Contry RR group 208 from Emily (maegsirien)

Moscow transpot map - UA-144926 from Irina
Costa del Sol map from Raquel (carlotenia)

US-1208047 from Victor
Choose a country RR group 187 from jschwab

Spain to latin America RR from solarts66

Christmas Postcards

US-14010170 from Nancy

CH-95829 from Kathrin

Postcards from Belarus

BY-310912 from Nadin Proza

BY-312023 from Nadezhda Zinchenko

BY-244285 from Yulina Burminskaya