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Rainbowo Military Community Taichung City

Spain to the rest of the world tag from Yi Ju


GI-174 from Rachel

Russian famous rulers RU-849700

Spain to the rest of the world tag from anamcara


Both sent by Atali (spanish forum)

Cityviews and landscapes

NL-1153282 from Jos

HR-31789 from Nikola

From Litito - Juego Quiero

IT-173515 from Ane

From gringalais

NDC RR group 216 - from Federica cfcfede

From Gerly in Estonia

Spain to the rest of the world tag from Kaheli

SI-52828 from Jana

Addicted to postcards from dmsimpson in USA

FR-192055 from Méline

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Monuments and buildings

BA-3801 Church of the Holiest Heart of Jesus

MY-95995 Masjid Kampung Kling which features Sumatran architecture with strong Hindu flavour and minarets, structured like a Pagoda was completed in 1748, making it one of the oldest mosque in the country.

World languages RR group 177 - Lady Winter

RO-41099 Cluj, Kolozsvar,Klausenburg

RR Diferent Country group 227 from Srudhar in India

NDC RR group 216 from nvpsv

Another country tag from vaille in Russia Monument to EI Totleben

Spain to the rest of the world tag from Matthew07 - The Goddess of Mercy statye at Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam is an iconic symbol of Penang and a major tourist attraction. An octagonal pavilion was built to shelter the towering bronze statue.

HR-30952 grom Goran

LT-194598 from Aurelija, University of Vilnius

BY-378609 from Natalia, Chapel of Paskevichs family in Homel

Catedral de la Almudena (sent by Melita)

World Languages RR group 178 from varas in Russia - Novodevichy Convent and Tsarevna Sophia's Palace Chambers. Naprudnaya (Over-the-pond) Tower 16th-17th centuries.

Capital city offer tag - from viai

World Languages rr Pig in a Poke group 148 from mieriein in Russia




NL-1037572 from Corine

Vacation tag from Olga in Ukraine

UA-234097 Map of world

DE-1247352 from Katharina

Some different and cute

NDC RR from turzi


UA-232506 from Inna

World languages RR - group 164







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National Air and Space Museum - From Chieusa in USA

Japan Air Force - sent by Aya - JP-249619

JP-239203 from Miki