viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Polish mountain

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An ancient centre of Piran

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Kremlin from the Moscow river

Chinese art


Puerto Madero y Catalins desde el cielo - Buenos Aires

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Market Place - Corporation Houses

St, Peter's Church

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Enjoying life together

A hermit

When the Baltic sea is calm
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Australian Wildlife

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Flags and Map of Canada

Morning in the water town

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Statue of Liberty

This 152 foot high copper statue s located in New York Harbor and was designed by French sculptor Frederic August Bartholdi. The Statue of Liberty is open to the public and is National Monument.

Gold Coast

Aerial of Palazzo Versace and Marina Mirage looking south towards Surfers Paradise

The monasteries of Bulgaria


Designed by Jëkabs Dranda (1853-1915)
Latvia. Vidzeme. 1st hald 20th century
National History Museum of Latvia



Berendrecht Zandvliet Lillo

Gansrijden, typische folklore in de polderdorpen


San Francisco

The port of San Francisco on the left of the skyline on a clear night for the city by the bay.

Guards Band on the Mall

The Etemaal Golden Castle



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Marbella - Costa del Sol

Gracias Eva

Barocker Rosengarten mit St. Michel

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Nida - Lietuva

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