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Famous garden in Tokyo

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Gruta do Lago Azul

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Tsar Michael Feodorovich (1596-1645)

The best beer in Prague

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Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel and Casino
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Emperor Paul II

Pyotr II Alekseyevich born on october 12, 1715
emperor from May 7, 1727
died on January 19, 1730

Baiquan at Hui County

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Emperor Paul

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Snowshoeing Club at Smith College 1906

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Ile Saint-Louis et l'île de la Cité

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Map and views of Slovenia

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Café de Flore

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Café de Flore
172 Boulevard Saint Germain

Taj Mahal

The Cenotaphs of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal
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Fado do Cigarro

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Yellow Jambhala

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United States Military Academy

Thayer Hall derives its name from Col. Sylvanus Thayer, USMA 1808 and Superintendent from 1817-1833. FOr hi outstanding contributions to West Point he is honored as the "Father of the Academy". The thayer hall museum contains one of the richest collections of military objects in the United States

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake sits againts th backrop of Wenchemna Peaks Stoney Native for valley of the ten Peaks.

Main Building of the Shevchenko National University

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Royal Military College in Kingston

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Canaderli dell'Alto Adige

Südtiroler Spreckknödel


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Alto Adige

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Elevador de Santa Justa - Lisboa

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Volcanic eruption, mount etna

Map of Belgian Coast

Bonbons Pierrot Gourmand

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Morning Markets

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Castles of Denmark

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Taipei Hwahsi Tourist night market

Militar in Belarus

The areas with samples of armaments