viernes, 24 de junio de 2011


Gracias a Agus

Private swap - Part II - I offer London to other

Thanks to rothko

Postdam (Germany)

Thanks to artisticexpression (USA)

Thanks to Fernando (Portugal)

Thanks to Monique (Netherlands)


Thanks to Histerija - Aneta (Croatia)

Private swaps - Part 1 London for others

Thanks to ifthelensfits (USA)

Thanks to Veronique (Sunsky)

Thanks to Veronique (Sunsky)

Thanks to Veronique (Sunsky) - France

Thanks to Dulcey (USA)

Thanks to ifthelensfits (USA)

Thanks to Doroeja (Croatia)

Meeting in Paris

Thanks to Doumik, Pazzolina, Octabis, Pozdrovienia

World languages RR 144

Received from sannah82

Tag en español y envío sorpresa

From Conchi (shelly)

From Els

From Conchi

From Sonia (soniasadin)

From Alicia (copito)

I'm goint to vacation RR

Fjordita (lise) from her holidays in Poland

Isacle from the holidays in NY City

Carolisha's RR 4.2

From Caroline Vetsch

From Christina in Germany

From Brenda

From Belem (Gigi)

Official Postcards received this week

Zaoti Alley, walls of three lanes and seven alleys bear the memory of history. (China)

Yutu Stockade Village of ng Nationality (China)

From POlina in Russia

Received from Thea, it's one of my fave. (Germay)

Delta Dunari (Romania)


Offical postcards from USA - Postcrossing

Millennium Park's CROWN FOUNTAIN

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Cities views

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Córdoba (Spain)

Johannesburg (South Africa)

Córdoba (Spain)

Brighton (UK)

Beyrouth (Lebanon)

Kaunas (Lithuania)

Paris (France)

Cali (Colombia)


Street Vendoor

Old postcards

Station van de Ned. Rhijn Spoorweg-Mij. te Utrecht (Netherlands)

Ediçao do Museu de Marinha (Portugal)


FOrtres Belgrad (Serbia)