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Hagia Sophia Museum was built at AC 537 as an Orthadox Church. When Ottoman Empire conquered the city, Sophia changed into a mosque until 1931. And it's a museum since 1935.
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Motlawa river

Karluv Most
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University Autumn, Glasgow, Scotland

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Legend of the Myrtle Tree

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Baseball at Fenway Park
Boston, Massachusetts
Boston's American League baseball park, built in 1912, It is known for its close to the field seating. The stadium is located near Kenmore Square convenient to downtown.

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Signal Iduna Park

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Le stade de la Méditerranée

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Saint Louis, Missouri
Busch Stadium
The downtown skyline provides an impressive backdrop for baseball fans at Bush Stadium. Both the Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial are crearly visible.


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Henri Martin 
Die Muse des Malers (1900)

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Frank Dicey (1838-1888)
Der Roman oder Lesende Dame im Garten

Maps and a flag

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Kremlim towers and Red Square

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Metro Map from München

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Flag of Zeeland

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Map of Andalucía


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This is the most famous finnish sailship called "The Finnish swan"

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Jan Hus s lokomotivou 223 067 u Verjprinic

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La Pointe du raz 29 (Finistère)
La pointe et le phare de la Vieille

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World Languages RR group 179
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Cute postcards

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Anne Geddes
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Der Kleine Prinz (Le Petit Prince)

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Canada owes much to its First Nations people, the true founders of our country.
Le Canada doit beaucoup aux gens des Premières nations, les véritables fondateurs de notre pays.

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 Author Laimonas Smergelis, Transparent blouse, 2005

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Debarquement de Normandie

 Circuit de plages du debarquement en Normandie
6 juin 1944

 Le centre ville après les bombardements de 1944

Juin 1944
 Bienvenue aux Liberateurs

Postales de España

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Beaver lake Nature Center, Baldwinsville, NY

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Cape Greco Cyprus

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Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay abd tge Percubine Islands from Cadillac Mountains

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Trakai Island Castle
Gothic style castle was constructed by the Lithuanian Grand Dukes Kestutis and Vytautas at the end of the XIV Century and the first decade of the 15th Century